Minecraft Education Edition challenge

Build an Empathy Village and take up the challenge!

When online, it is not always obvious how other people feel about things. In the social media, games and various online services, it is easy to make a comment that others may find offensive or objectionable. It is more difficult to put yourself in someone else's position and treat others as you'd like them to treat you.
Use Minecraft Education Edition to build an Empathy Village and take up the challenge! The world may be a game or information package on how to behave online while taking others into account. Your imagination is the only limit! You can work alone or in groups.
You can download Minecraft on your computer at aka.ms/download. Log into the environment using the school's Office365 username and password.
Project work is evaluated on the basis of how well it meets the given challenge. The criteria also include creativity and originality.
1. Minecraft event in your school/town
2. Interview and visibility for your project in a blog
3. Minecraft material (stickers, bags, posters)


Projects are completed using Minecraft Education Edition, groups start building on an empty platform.
Each group can take part only once.
The project descriptions may be videos or presentations (such as Sway or PowerPoint). They must include the names of the participants, their contact details (email address) and name of the school.
Links to the project descriptions must be emailed to info@empatiapakkaus.fi by 31 May 2020.
Additional information: marianna.halonen@microsoft.com

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