Minecraft Education Edition challenge

Build an Empathy Village!

This year’s winning team came from Kokkola – congratulations to class 8A from Torkinmäen koulu!

Our jury was enchanted by the escape room idea, and it was clear that the entire class had put a lot of time and effort into the final submission. Parents were also nicely included in defining empathy. The end result was a very diverse world of empathy that taught empathy skills through adventure!

Choosing the winner was not easy. All submissions were wonderfully executed and dealt with empathy in many different ways, for example through monsters and rainbow metaphors. It became clear that you really care about empathy skills!

Game on!

More information: info@empatiapakkaus.fi


Projects are completed using Minecraft Education Edition, groups start building on an empty platform. Each group can take part only once. The project descriptions may be videos or presentations (such as Sway or PowerPoint). They must include the names of the participants, their contact details (email address) and name of the school. Links to the project descriptions must be emailed to info@empatiapakkaus.fi by 31 May 2020. Additional information: marianna.halonen@microsoft.com