Minecraft challenge

Use Minecraft Education Edition to build an Empathy world with your friends, and take up the challenge! The world may be a game or information package on how to behave online while taking others into account. Your imagination is the only limit!

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Social media test

The web is full of new and amazing things – do you know what kind of behavior is OK on the social media and what isn’t? Alongside your parents, check which one of you is more of a novice and learn about what you might do differently!

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You can get over online bullying by talking about it, raising the issue and asking for help. On MML Nuortennetti, you can talk to other young people in order to obtain information and support. MLL’s phone service for children and youngsters is available free of charge throughout Finland every day. You can talk confidentially by phone or chat about anything that is troubling you. You can also write an online letter. The adults answering the phone, chatting with you or answering online letters are bound by confidentiality, which means that they cannot tell anyone about the discussion. Phone calls are not recorded.

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Imagine an online bot that gives advice on how to chat on the social media and helps those who have been bullied. That’s what the Class Bot does! Start the Class Bot and discuss why nobody should be subjected to bullying.

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What to post on social media? Fill in the cartoon speech bubbles!



What to write in a group chat? Fill in the cartoon speech bubbles!



How to console a friend? Fill in the cartoon speech bubbles!



What do empathy and emotional intelligence mean in modern society? We asked 12 Finnish opinion leaders to share their ideas about empathy in the digital age.

"Empathy seems a bit scarce on the Internet at times. One reason is that interaction online is often text-based, which means that we often have very little information about other people's feelings."

Katri Saarikivi Neuroscientist

"By combining the technical properties of artificial intelligence and people's empathic abilities, we can also make the leap to a new level in social skills and learning."

Jussi Tolvanen CEO, Microsoft Finland

"Online bullying or hate speech have not been caused directly by the Internet or technology, a much larger phenomenon is in question."

Camilla Tuominen Emotional intelligence educator and speaker


We studied how to help Finns prevent online bullying. We did a survey with more than 1,000 parents and 400 teachers.

34% 17%

34% of the teachers had detected online bullying of their pupils during the past year, but only 17% of the parents were aware that their child had been bullied online

61% 19%

61% of the teachers had detected online bullying, while 19% of the parents did not know whether their child had been subjected to online bullying


Every fifth Finnish parent feels that technology companies are primarily responsible for preventing online bullying.


43% of Finnish parents instruct their children regularly on how to behave on the social media and Internet.

37% 60%

37% of all teachers and 60% of primary school teachers had detected online bullying against their pupils


42% of teachers believe that new technologies could help prevent online bullying